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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson
Telli 3,4 mln
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the shotguns in movies guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok. Why are you reading this? Go away.
my garden
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god dang country
22 päeva tagasi
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if i was frozone
Місяць tagasi
2 місяці tagasi
chainsaw art
2 місяці tagasi
how they wrote songs in the 50s
2 місяці tagasi
The Great Fast Food Jalepeño Scandal
3 місяці tagasi
how PG movies used to be
3 місяці tagasi
when professional athletes get fined
3 місяці tagasi
the kid who said he could skate
4 місяці tagasi
how they ended songs in the 70s
4 місяці tagasi
thank you for 3 million! (Q&A too)
5 місяців tagasi
i want to live in a skyrim house
5 місяців tagasi
we made a sketch that strangers wrote
5 місяців tagasi
millionaire guy
5 місяців tagasi
i just took a DNA test
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jim's office pranks over the years
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Gaming Republic
Gaming Republic 16 tundi tagasi
This reminds me of my brother who has autism
Headless Headphones
Headless Headphones 16 tundi tagasi
You gave a man named Sardar Con(man) 10k... Gus honey
Doug 16 tundi tagasi
Dave Becker
Dave Becker 16 tundi tagasi
Your first 2 points are really petty. The camera looking thing is part of the mockumentary style that it imitated from the UK version (also no laugh track). I guess that's how growing up on friends and big bang theory does to your tastes
catclone 16 tundi tagasi
From what I know Leslie actually has a Cameo listing. So for all you know Sardar could just be using that as “proof” that things are happening.
Candle Licker
Candle Licker 16 tundi tagasi
Oh my god
Candle Licker
Candle Licker 16 tundi tagasi
I just realized, I WASN'T SUBSCRIBED!!!
theonlyqwert 16 tundi tagasi
It's a fucking shitcoin, just avoid the slow pump and dumps
Yakin _
Yakin _ 16 tundi tagasi
For waving your arms like that you were very in time so good job :)
aLlEN 16 tundi tagasi
Will you rember me in a year
TechSpaceCowboy 16 tundi tagasi
Please make a “Bayyybeeeee” shirt. I want 2 trillion of them.
Fuljo Strujec
Fuljo Strujec 16 tundi tagasi
let's get Gus to hollywood
horizontal120 16 tundi tagasi
so cripto is in this shit .. sounds like this is all a scam then ...
CupoJoe 16 tundi tagasi
Trucker Insight
Trucker Insight 16 tundi tagasi
This is Florida
Jeremiah Burns
Jeremiah Burns 16 tundi tagasi
God calls both sides of a war: "Yeah, I'm on your side."
Ducky Man
Ducky Man 16 tundi tagasi
Disappointing your mother.. relatable
Smiley 16 tundi tagasi
Gus: what are you doing with your life, get it together Me, on the toilet crying: ok 😭😭😭
Raymoney 16 tundi tagasi
I mean with Gus’s writing ability on this show it def won’t fail
Dr. Hibbs
Dr. Hibbs 16 tundi tagasi
We've now arrived at the Mr Beast portion of Gus Johnson's career. I'll see myself out
Mythikal 16 tundi tagasi
Thank god Gus was one of 3 people with $10,000 burning a hole in his pocket
Epic Onion
Epic Onion 17 tundi tagasi
This office spin off is actually Pay to Win and thats not even a joke.
Rubin Murray
Rubin Murray 17 tundi tagasi
Gus Johnson is the funniest person I know.
Bozmund Os
Bozmund Os 17 tundi tagasi
Fine fine i get it, i will not use USPS for delivery EVER in my life, *hopefully.*
Awakening To Vacuity
Awakening To Vacuity 17 tundi tagasi
Healthy people are not dying? Of course not, because once they get sick they're no longer healthy. Copeland is the most dangerous kind of moron.
Dylan Davidson
Dylan Davidson 17 tundi tagasi
This aged well.
RNG_MRCOOKED 17 tundi tagasi
when police says "freeze" :
Pretty Good movies
Pretty Good movies 17 tundi tagasi
Wow! Spielberg’s gonna be calling you
Σταύρος Κυριάκου
Our boy got sucked into a crypto pump & dump! Top quality content coming!
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard 17 tundi tagasi
Couldn’t you have done the same thing without paying ten grand by just telling them who you are
CrackheadAdventures 17 tundi tagasi
"Except you have homework and you're not allowed to be gay." He knows Not to mention a close friend of mine was having a major migraine- he was in serious agony, felt too dizzy to walk around. He told one of the counselors, asking to call his dad to take him home. Yeah so they didn't and he spent the rest of the day on the verge of tears, and even just broke down crying at one point bc he was in so much pain. And another time one of the counselors straight up said, "I don't like Catholics bc they worship Mary above Jesus." (which is not true, btw) I was Catholic, and a little kid. You don't tell little kids you don't like them.
Nick Flow
Nick Flow 17 tundi tagasi
That’s too on point
Tarpan 17 tundi tagasi
Last note fades to end, perhaps the sound of falling salt - the subtitles
MordecaiXLII 17 tundi tagasi
So they found a way to have people pay to work for them... This is hell.
Elisabeth Flynn
Elisabeth Flynn 17 tundi tagasi
It’s not beer, I made a mimosa in here
archer47 17 tundi tagasi
uhh sardar khan is kinda a freqeuntly used fictional charecter name in bollywood sooo ???
Felix Mino
Felix Mino 17 tundi tagasi
I can speak german
Cheese _
Cheese _ 17 tundi tagasi
When u want to show off something new u just bought
lukas del 64
lukas del 64 17 tundi tagasi
They’ll give you a fun thing
COWZ 17 tundi tagasi
Who is timothy and why are you purchasing them 0-0
Woodpecker811 17 tundi tagasi
Thing is people deserve such a guess because they keep asking you to guess instead of just telling you^^
Jakob Gabrielsson
Jakob Gabrielsson 17 tundi tagasi
I've waited for this ever since you talked about it on chuckle sandwich, excited to see it
Reuben Cotton
Reuben Cotton 17 tundi tagasi
Les gooo
ross donaldson
ross donaldson 17 tundi tagasi
Good old kick starter "investments"
Tanner Anderson
Tanner Anderson 17 tundi tagasi
dad you suck at skyrim
hugh hogan
hugh hogan 17 tundi tagasi
F in chat for Gus DangerMan Johnsons 10k
yes 17 tundi tagasi
Haha funny clunky flimsy quirky intro
Lil Ka1ser 2 Official.
Lil Ka1ser 2 Official. 17 tundi tagasi
Hagrid is a Mongolian transvestite, don’t believe me?
Spencer 17 tundi tagasi
Well except for Carrell and Helms, no one else went on to bigger things. Whereas for something like Arrested Development, most people became huge stars
Kabal of the Bloody Spoon
Sven and Gus have such good brother chemistry
Raoras110 17 tundi tagasi
Now, that's called sarcasm 😂😂😂
Mac Kinnon
Mac Kinnon 17 tundi tagasi
Poor dumb hilarious Gus
caleb purvis
caleb purvis 17 tundi tagasi
The amount of laughs i got from the first 5 seconds proves how genius you are
Rebecca 17 tundi tagasi
Not saying this happened, but... is it possible they are creating the coin with the money from the kickstarter?
Stormyrose 17 tundi tagasi
Krahnik89 17 tundi tagasi
I knew you were a Tim and Eric fan all along. I could see it in your early videos. Not to mention that last family video you did with the food too hot lol. Definitely Tim and Eric vibes
Scholary Jest
Scholary Jest 17 tundi tagasi
This whole thing sounds like a "Yikes" deal
V2 Toxic
V2 Toxic 17 tundi tagasi
This is Patrick
This is Patrick 18 tundi tagasi
Why do people keep calling this a "The Office spin-off"? It is definitely not. Neither NBC nor the other cast members supported this, Baker is just exploiting the popularity of the show to fuel this gig, which happens to star a character named Stanley Hudson. Also, it seemed like some or all of the film money might be used to fund the development of this $Nickel cryptocurrency thing, considering Sardar Khan, who is supposed to be a *filmmaker,* has his hands on both projects.
Nurpus 18 tundi tagasi
The Office lore is slowly transitioning into real life
Zack Walton
Zack Walton 18 tundi tagasi
I started playing Skyrim so I could understand some of these references
Snazzypumpkin 18 tundi tagasi
7:00 you made my google home tell me about the caspian sea at 5:30 am and it was LOud i hayte u
Lachy The Potato
Lachy The Potato 18 tundi tagasi
You and Fairbarn films are like the exact same people but fairbarn is Australian.
J D 18 tundi tagasi
I just wish I had 10k to play with like that, and by play with I mean pay off student loans
hippieduck 18 tundi tagasi
Leslie, blink twice if you're being held hostage psychologically.
Anthony Frank
Anthony Frank 18 tundi tagasi
Sounds sketchy
Carn Soaks
Carn Soaks 18 tundi tagasi
The character actor, Leslie David Baker, presently resides (for the past 7 months) in the lower regions of a spacious mid-range deep freeze, in the basement of one Shakka Khan, and her husband, Sardar.
Duckhead 18 tundi tagasi
John Smith
John Smith 18 tundi tagasi
imagine not using adblockers on pc and modded apks on mobile
Carlo Solbren
Carlo Solbren 18 tundi tagasi
Are you kidding? This is clearly a scam.
PseudoEmpathy 18 tundi tagasi
My family frequently runs out of salt. Do yall like, not eat salt or something?
Amber Black
Amber Black 18 tundi tagasi
TIL that I'm Nobody
aki akiii
aki akiii 18 tundi tagasi
Not skipping a single ad for this vid because 10k is a whole lotta money
Cool Nan
Cool Nan 18 tundi tagasi
“The n word” lmaoo
Nathan Hastings
Nathan Hastings 18 tundi tagasi
Spin off about a spin off video in which you are gonna be in a spin off
Anym 18 tundi tagasi
my bet is that they used a big chunk of that backed money was used to create a crypto, hope that it blows up, and then use the money they made through the coin to fund the show. or just a normal pump n dump idk
Alofohos 18 tundi tagasi
I actually thought he was joking
ThejollyFrenchman 18 tundi tagasi
Does Leslie even own the rights to the character of Stanley? This seems legally dubious, to say the least.